As the public museum of Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Bradbury Science Museum helps people understand and appreciate the history and work of the Lab from its Manhattan Project origin to today.


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A Brief HIstory

While the first museum for Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now Los Alamos National Laboratory) appeared in 1954 in an old ice house on the banks of Ashley Pond, its collection contained classified materials, and it was not open to the general public. The Laboratory’s need for a museum that showcased unclassified objects and welcomed all visitors was realized in 1963 with the opening of its Laboratory Museum and Science Hall, the predecessor for today’s Bradbury Science Museum. 

With a growing collection and thousands of visitors, the Museum and Science Hall moved to a larger site at the Laboratory’s Technical Area 3 (TA-3) in 1965. Visitors enjoyed exhibits for all ages, such as the beloved “Pinocchio,” a simulated chain reaction that used table-tennis balls. In 1970, the museum was renamed in honor of the Laboratory’s longest-serving director, Norris E. Bradbury. 

In 1993, the Bradbury Science Museum moved to its current location at 1450 Central Avenue. Free and open to the public, today the museum creates and provides interactive exhibits and videos that explore the origin of the Lab’s capabilities developed during the Manhattan Project and highlight the Laboratory’s current research and innovations.

Museum Overview

  • Pajarito Plateau

    Learn about the “lay of the land” on the Pajarito Plateau. Find out stats about the Lab as part of the Department of Energy, managed by Triad National Security LLC, and how it fits into the fabric of Northern New Mexico. Then visit the History, Defense and Research Gallery to learn the Lab’s origin story and explore the work we do today. See a sampling of these galleries here.

  • Named after Ray Bradbury?

    No! Named after Norris Bradbury, essential Manhattan Project scientist and who would become the second director of the Lab, transforming it over 20 years from a military outpost to Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.

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  • Artifacts From Our Collection

    The Bradbury Science Museum is the Lab’s repository for unclassified artifacts representing the scientific accomplishments tracing back to the Lab’s Manhattan Project origins. Have something you think belongs in our collections? Find out what to on our SUPPORT page.

  • Public Forum

    What have you learned at the Bradbury, and what are you thinking? The Public Forum wall is your place to write your thoughts to share with others. Others want to see! Many times one note will lead to a string of others along the same thread.

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Bradbury Science Museum

1450 Central Avenue | Los Alamos, NM 87544 | (505) 667-4444 

Open: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday, 1-5 p.m.

Closed: Mondays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day

Free Admission

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