Tess Lavezzi Light

For her passion and vision for service to the EMP project for over 15 years and applied across the entire Los Alamos SNDD Program and at the highest levels of the national USNDS community.



Phil K. Tubesing (Phil)

For his leadership and technical expertise in weapons and nuclear nonproliferation, which had a tremendous impact on the Laboratory’s global security work.



Stephen Becker

Becker is a Laboratory Fellow and respected design physicist whose deep knowledge and understanding have long been tapped by all levels of scientists, engineers, and managers at Los Alamos to support our own stockpile and to better understand adversary capabilities. He has authored numerous classified papers and reports that have provided keen insights and maintained their relevance decades later.

Timothy Foley & Jonathan Zucker

Foley and Zucker are being awarded the Global Security Medal for their outstanding technical leadership and support to a high-profile, high-risk national security project that was executed in under 9 months at a cost of $1.2 million and involved personnel from across LANL. The success of this project was only possible with dedicated, professional, and technically competent leadership at the working level. Both Foley and Zucker were commended for their initiative, personal leadership, technical competence, and outstanding professional behaviors throughout the entire project execution.

Stephen Yarbro

Yarbro is one of the world’s leading experts in plutonium and actinide process technology. Now retired, he spent his 34 years of service at Los Alamos initiating and leading many large-scale, highly complex technical engineering projects for a number of national security programs. From working with the UK as part of the Atomic Weapons Establishment program to serving as a technical advisor for international trade-control regimes, Yarbro had a tremendous impact on proliferation detection.



R. Marc Kippen

Kippen is recognized for his distinguished and enduring leadership and significant achievements in developing, promoting, and sustaining national security capabilities and programs in space-based sensing and nuclear detonation detection.