American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Rangachary Mukundan
Mukundan was honored for seminal contributions to the development of mixed potential electrochemical sensors and the development of accelerated stress tests for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Sergei Tretiak
Tretiak was honored for distinguished contributions to the field of computational and theoretical chemical physics, especially for optical materials for next-generation energy systems, electronic properties of molecular structures and optoelectronics of low-dimensional materials. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Stosh Kozimor
Kozimor was honored for seminal contributions that have advanced fundamental science and solved applied problems in heavy-element chemistry, separations, isotope production and national security. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Tanja Pietrass
Pietrass was honored for distinguished leadership in academe and government and at Los Alamos National Laboratory, developing and implementing strategic goals while ensuring a respectful and inclusive work environment. 

American Nuclear Society Mishima Award

David Andersson
Andersson was presented with this year's Mishima Award for R&D work in the areas of nuclear fuel and materials.

American Physical Society Fellow

Mary Hockaday
Hockaday was named fellow for essential contributions to national security science and international scientific collaboration, leadership in fostering dialogue among diverse technical and policy communities, and promotion of equity and inclusion, especially for women in physics. 

American Physical Society Fellow

Nicole ​Lloyd-Ronning
Lloyd-Ronning was named fellow for the development and work on a broad set of outreach programs introducing STEM science to students from elementary to undergraduate schools and tireless efforts to affect institutional change, working toward a more inclusive, diverse and equitable STEM work environment. 

American Physical Society Fellow

Rolando Somma​
Somma was named fellow for outstanding theoretical contributions to quantum computing, in particular the development of quantum algorithms for quantum simulation. 

American Physical Society John Wheatley Award​

James Gubernatis
Gubernatis earned the award “for ongoing commitment to developing physics in Africa through initiating the African School on Electronic Structure Methods and Applications and leadership in bringing together African physicists from across the continent to create a Pan-African physics communication vehicle.” 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow​

Marianne Francois
Francois was nominated for significant contributions in research and leadership. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow

Michael Pettes
Pettes was recognized for his contributions to strain and defect engineering and for his service and leadership in mechanical engineering.

American Welding Society Fellow

Patrick​ Hochanadel
Hochanadel was recognized for "a career of significant achievements in the technical and research arenas that has enhanced the image and impact of the welding industry."

ASM International Silver Medal

Clarissa Yablinski
Yablinski was honored for excellence in materials research and development supporting the nuclear deterrent and advanced nuclear energy and tireless volunteerism for the profession and STEM outreach.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellow

Brendt Wohlberg
Wohlberg was selected for his significant contributions to sparse representations include the development of new algorithms and methods for the convolutional form of sparse representations and dictionary learning.

Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Early Career Award​

Alexis Trahan​
Trahan was selected as an INMM member 35 years of age or younger (as of the date of the nomination deadline) who has made a singular outstanding achievement or a series of notable achievements in an area of nuclear materials management relevant to the Institute and its technical divisions.

International Association for Green Energy ​Outstanding Researcher Award​

Piotr Zelenay​
Zelenay was honored for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge in fuel cells, electrochemical energy, and green energy systems” and is given to researchers who have “demonstrated exceptional contribution to the green energy research community.”​

Microscopy Society of America Chuck Fiori Award for Outstanding Technologist in the Physical Sciences​

Matthew Schneider
​Schneider was honored for his contributions to new techniques. His professional interests include measuring and understanding dynamical material responses to applied stimuli, including changes in elemental distribution, crystal structure, strain state, electronic structure and more.​

Nanomaterials Young Investigator Award​

Aiping Chen
​Chen was honored as a Young Investigator by Nanomaterials. At CINT, Chen leads efforts on the synthesis and characterization of complex oxide heterostructures and nanocomposites. The author of more than 120 published papers cited more than 4,600 times, Chen’s recent research focuses on thin film synthesis, emergent phenomena in quantum materials, and electronic devices.​

Purdue University Outstanding Nuclear Engineer Award​

Bob Webster
​Webster was presented his award in recognition of his seminal contribution in applied physics for thermonuclear applications and for national and international leadership in global nuclear security. As a 34-year veteran of the Weapons program at Los Alamos, he has helped the Weapons program make significant contributions to the LANL and NNSA missions. ​

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellow​

​Aric Hagberg​
Hagberg was named for his contributions to network science, dynamical systems and dedicated service to the scientific community. As an applied mathematician, he primarily focuses on nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation, and complex systems. He is also an affiliate of the Lab’s Center for Nonlinear Studies, and researches complex phenomena identification using an array of approaches and methods relating to statistical physics, nonlinear science, applied mathematics, and numerical simulations.​

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Grainger College of Engineering Alumni Award for Distinguished Service​

Eric Brown​
Brown was honored for his leadership in and service to the engineering field. Currently director of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) and senior director for the Associate Laboratory Directorate of Physical Sciences (ALDPS), he was previously a senior scientist and project leader in the Lab’s Office of Experimental Science and has led both the Neutron Science and Technology group in the Physics Division, and the Explosive Science and Shock Physics Division.​

Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellows Prize for Outstanding Leadership in Science or Engineering​

Kirsten McCabe​

Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellows Prize for Outstanding Research in Science or Engineering​

Yu Seung Kim​

Rodman Linn​

Inventor of the Year​

Yu Seung Kim​

Community Relations Medal​

Barbara Lynn​
Ralph Martinez​

Global Security Medal​

Juan Duque
​Kevin Mitchell

Operations Excellence Medal​

Ricardo Martí-Arbona​

Tariq​ Aslam​

Rod ​Borup​

​William Daughton​

​Tess ​Light​

​Filip Ronning​

​Richard Van de Water​

​Hari Viswanathan​

​Ivan ​Vitev​

​Scott​ Watson​

CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE)

Fieldable Atomic Beam Isotopic Analyzer (FABIA)

Fast Evaluation of Viral Emerging Risks (FEVER)
Special Recognition​
​Gold medal for battling COVID-19​
​Gold medal for corporate social responsibility​

Grid Regulation Delivered by Aggregations of Loads (Grid-BAL)
Special Recognition
​Gold medal for market disruptor — services​
​Silver medal for corporate social responsibility​

Hyperspectral X-ray Imaging (HXI)

Nano-satellite Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System (NACHOS)

Ordered Key-Value Computational Storage Device (KV-CSD)


Rapid Response Steel Tooling

Solution-processed Perovskite Crystalline Films (SPeC)
Special Recognition​
​Bronze medal for market disruptor — products​

NASA Group Achievement awards​

Mars 2020 Instrument Operations Development team​
Cynthia Little​
Dorothea Delapp​
Scott Robinson​
Anthony (Tony) Nelson​
Roberta Beal​
Carey (Chip) Legett IV​

​SHERLOC (Mars 2020 SHERLOC Development and Science team)​
James Sheldon​
Glen Peterson​
Michael Caffrey​
Roger Wiens​
Anthony (Tony) Nelson​
Stacy Maestas​
David Hemsing​
John Michel​
Sean Brennan​
Andres Valdez​
Steven Armijo​
John Paul (JP) Martinez​
Samuel Clegg​
Edwin Phillips​
Raymond Newell​
Kerry Boyd​
Louis Borges​
Deane Gasway​
Jorden Celis​
Jacob Valdez​
Logan Ott​
Ryan Hemphill​
Hannah Cross​
Benigno Sandoval​
Justin McGlown​
Dawn Venhaus​
Darren Harvey​
Brandon Hill​
Adam Esquibel​

SuperCam - Mars 2020 Pre-landing Strategic Science group​
​Baptiste Chide ​
Nina Lanza​

SuperCam Development team​
Kevin Mccabe​
Cynthia Little​
Steven Storms​
Joy Torres​
Scott Robinson​
Michael Caffrey​
Roger Wiens​
Anthony (Tony) Nelson​
Samuel Clegg​
Nina Lanza​
Kerry Boyd​
Jonathan Deming​
Darrel Beckman​
Ann Ollila​
​Benigno Sandoval​
Roberta Beal​
Dawn Venhaus​
Carey (Chip) Legett IV​
Baptiste Chide​

SuperCam Science, Engineering, and Operations team​
​Dorothea Delapp​
Scott Robinson​
Anthony (Tony) Nelson​
Samuel Clegg​
Nina Lanza​
Raymond Newell​
Carene Larmat​
Ann Ollila​
Margaret Root​
Roberta Beal​
Patrick Gasda​
Carey (Chip) Legett IV​
Baptiste Chide​
Amanda Sheridan​
Ari Essunfeld​
Matthew Brand​
Noah Martin​

Enrico Fermi Award​

Darleane Hoffman​

Derivative Classifier of the Year​

Robert (Bob) Putnam​

Early Career Research Program Award​

Kun​ Liu​
Rich ​ Fiorella​
Andrey​ Lokhov​
Yu ​ Zhang​

Secretary of Energy Achievement Award​

Capsule Gain team
​Hermann Geppert-Kleinrath​
Hans W. Herrmann​
Yongho Kim​
John L. Kline​
Kevin Daniel Meaney​
Thomas Joseph (Tom) Murphy​
Petr Lvovich Volegov​

STPSat-6 Satellite Payloads Early On-Orbit Test team​
​Alicia Baca​
Zachary Baker​
Kurtis Barlett ​
William Blaine​
Michael Bredemann​
Michael Carter ​
Larry Casper​
Juan Carlos Cornejo​
Daniel Coupland​
Jonathan Cox​
Magdalena Dale​
James Daniels​
John DeBardeleben​
Robert Dingler​
Brian Dougherty​
Wendi Dreesen ​
Hunter Earnest​
Deane Gasway​
Jamie Gomez​
Sean Haley​
Samuel Henderson​
Dan Kral​
Erik Krause​
Brian Larsen​
Erin Lay​
Charlie Light​
William Marchetto​
Keith Mashburn​
Katherine Mesick​
Aaron Morrison​
Denis Nadeau​
David Oro​
John Parrack​
Jesus Perello Izaguirre​
Scott Rawlinson​
Carl Reinke​
Joseph Reneker​
Lindsey Rivera​
Caleb Roecker​
Adrian Romero​
Lupe Romero​
Daniel Sandoval​
Amanda Sheridan​
Ruth Skoug​
Grant Soehnel​
John Steinberg​
My Thi To​
Nathan Vo​
Andrew Walker​
Evan Williams    ​
Nina Weisse-Bernstein​
Meilin Yan​
Xiaoguang Yang​

​Ukraine Detection Assistance team​
​Michael Paul Caffrey​
Tom Fairbanks​
Paul Graham​
Glenn Griggs​
Brian Michael Haines​
Timothy D. Haamlin​
David Kerry Hemsing​
Eric Yuval Raby​
Xuan-Min Shao​
Christopher R. Waidmann​
Brian Jennings​
Gregory Orlicz​

​W93 Phase 1 Concept Assessment team​
Cory Ahrens​
Curtt Ammerman​
Casey Anderson​
Deborah Lynn Apodaca​
Ginger A. Atwood​
John David (David) Becker​
Raul Gonzalez Bencomo​
Langdon Bennett​
Jerry S. Brock​
Ty Brooks​
Charlie A. (Charles) Crane​
Elizabeth Crespin​
Alexander Baird Cusick​
Crystal Buchanan Dale​
Chelsea Ann D'Angelo​
Kimberly Ann DeFriend​
Kelsey Joanna Denissen​
Aeones Kairoo Deveyra​
Jennifer Lynn Donley
​Stephen Ellis​
Alejandro E. Enriquez​
Michael Lorne Fensin​
Lucille Helen (Lucy) Frey​
Gary Michael Gladysz​
Colin Michael Haynes​
Joseph Edward David (Jed) Hess​
Lee M. Hornsby​
Jeff Hyde​
Jeffrey E. Hylok​
Gayle Kestell​
Lance Allen Kingston​
Alexander Sang-Hoon Lee​
Lisa C. Lindberg​
Nathaniel Mesick​
Brad A. Meyer​
Rachel Anne Morneau​
Tanner Morrison​
Fred Mortensen​
Jessie Nichols​
Jacob Perea​
Aaron Michael Peters​
Andrew Bryan Porteous​
Maureen Justine Psaila-Dombrowski​
Anthony D. Puckett​
Robert Lee (Bob) Putnam​
Fernando Quintana​
Nathan Rimkus​
Thomas Roberts​
Lucas Matthew Rolison​
Donald  Salazar​
Nathaniel Sanchez​
Donald  Sandoval​
Christopher J. Scully​
Alice Skehan​
Michael Louis (Mike) Steinzig​
Michael Stevens​
Guillermo Terrones​
Jessica Thrussell​
Aric Tibbitts​
Mary Timmers​
Trevor Tippetts​
Andri Ulrich​
Cetin Unal​
Fabian Vigil​
Morgan White​
Phillip Wolfram Jr.​
Hasani Omar (Omar) Wooten​
Jonathan Workman​
Kate Yeamans​​

Jane Hall Award​

Sadie VandenBusch​

Awards to LANL​

Black EOE Journal - Best of the Best Top Government & Law Enforcement Agencies​
CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine - Top 20 Government Employer​
ClearedJobs.Net Best Recruiters​
U.S. Department of Energy - Green Fleet Award​
Equal Opportunity Magazine - Top 20 Government Employer​
Family Friendly New Mexico - Family Friendly Business Award​
HISPANIC Network Magazine - Best of the Best Top Government & Law Enforcement Agencies​
Minority Engineer Magazine  - Top 20 Government Employer​
STEM Workforce Diversity Magazine - Top 20 Government Employer​
U.S. Department of Labor - HIRE Vets Medallion Award: Gold​
Woman Engineer Magazine - Top 20 Government Employer​
Professional Woman's Magazine - Best of the Best Top Government & Law Enforcement Agencies​

Patricia E. Gallagher Environmental Award ​Gold Level​

Environmentally Friendly Bacteria: A Natural Substitute for Nitric Acid Leaching of Copper​
LAP4 30 Base Mobilization TA-51​
Biodegradable and Human Friendly Disposable Tableware Designed from Renewable Sources​
Our Grand Entrance!​
Criticality Control Overpack (CCO)​
DAAF Synthesis Campaign​
Live Streaming for Visual Examination of Transuranic (TRU) Waste​
Parallel Characterization of Transuranic Waste​
Polymer Bag-Out Bag Replacement Pilot Program​
Process Optimization for Reduced Hazardous Waste Generation​
Recycle of Export-Controlled SS Material​
Shields Up!​
Disposition of TA-21 Mobile Lab Trailers​
Thermal Neutron Counter Inside New Glovebox​
Transuranic Liquid Waste (TLW) Facility Project​
Visual Inspection (VI) Team Keeps Workers, Facility, and Environment Safe​
Waste Drum Transfer System​

New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering IMPACT! Award​

Anna Llobet Megias​

Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 40 Under 40 Top Business Leaders Awards​

Felicia Archuleta-Toya​
Lacey Bruaw​
Kayla Norris​
Breanna Perera​


Large-team Distinguished Performance Award​

Cerro Pelado Fire Emergency Response team​
Kenneth Adkins​
Nancy Ambrosiano​
Tonni Aquino​
Carmela Aragon ​
Michelle Archuleta​
Felicia Archuleta-Toya​
Elisa Baker​
Jennifer Bedford​
Arthur Bishop​
Kevin Brake​
Aaron Brick Leeroy Cienega​
John Ciolek Jr.​
John Collins​
Jeffrey Dare​
Diana Del Mauro​
Thomas Dobson​
Nikki Falk​
James Faulkner II​
Pat Fierro​
Stephen Fischer​
Nikki Foster​
Lance Fresquez​
Juan Gonzalez​
Paul Grano​
Jeremy Grondin​
Bernadette Guillermo​
Peter Horak​
Steven Horak​
Ronald (Ronnie) Huerta​
Peter Hyde​
James Jones​
Darcy Katzman ​
Taylora Koch​
Sabrina Larsen​
Kerrie Lincoln ​
Janet Lovato​
Jason Lujan​
Sigrid (Hannah) Mabel​
Kaitlin Martinez​
Jacob McCallum​
Gary McMillan​
Gilbert Miera​
Joshua Miller​
David Miranda​
Laura Mullane​
Michael Necaise​
Richard Nieto​
Nicholas Njegomir​
Lexi Petronis​
Charles Poling​
Matthew Randall​
Rheanna Sandoval ​
Daphne Schleft​
Shannan Schnedler​
David Silver​
Benjamin Stein​
Eric Sussman​
Heaven Talachy​
Jennifer Talhelm​
Jonathan Tapia​
Kevin Thelen​
Robert Thornton III​
Teodoro Ulibarri​
Isaiah Valdez​
Jessica Woods​​

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Plan team​
Tamara Baer Katrina Bennett​
Shannon Blair​
Bridget Bloodwood​
Kassidy Boorman​
Suzanne Bourret David Bruggeman Sandi Copeland ​
Andrew Dattelbaum​
Jeanne Fair​
Eve Gasarch​
Sarah Gould​
Carrie Gregory​
Debora Hall​
Leslie Hansen​
Tamara Hawman​
Jason Hick​
David Holtkamp​
Aimee Hungerford​
Amrinder Kaur​
Roilynn (Lynne) Knight Rosemary Maestas​
Bethann McVicker ​
Katelyn Moje​
Alicia Ortega ​
Donald (Don) O'Sullivan​
Philip Rae​
Karla Sartor​
Jenna Stanek​
Milu Velardi​
Kenneth Waight III​
Genna Waldvogel​
Monica Witt​​​

​Wildland Fire Mitigation team​
Elisa Abeyta​
Gabriel Archuleta​
Jesse Berryhill​
Bridget Bloodwood​
Joseph Boyet​
Jeremy Brunette​
Jack Caldwell​
Sandi Copeland​
Allison Cunningham Rolando DeLoera-Lucero​
Ethan Ditmanson​
Branden Dominovich​
Simone Fresquez​
Chauncey Gadek​
Andrew Garcia​
Kari Garcia​
Gary Gonzales​
Marcos Granados​
Carrie Gregory​
Gavin Harris​
David Holtkamp​
Danielle Huerta​
Herman James​
James Jones​
Samantha Linford ​
Alison Livesay​
Scott Lopez​
Arsenio Maestas​
Jeffrey Martinez ​
Kevin Martinez​
Michael Martinez​
Roman Martinez​
Michael Mcnaughton​
Lyken Merrill​
​Armando Montoya​
Nicholas Morfin​
Mark Powell​
Makenzie Quintana​
Kelsey Reese​
Daniel Rodriguez​
Johnny Samora​
Audrey Sanchez​
Elmer Sandoval​
Karla Sartor​
Jenna Stanek​
Brent Thompson​
James Valdez​
John Valdez​
Larry Velasquez​
Benito Vigil​​

Science, Technology, and Engineering​

Postdoctoral Distinguished Mentor Award​
Malcolm Boshier​
Michael Cooper​​
Matthew Hoffman​​
Yu Seung Kim​​
Michael Martin​
Emanuele Mereghetti​​
David Osthus​

Postdoc Distinguished Performance Award​
Emily Luteran​​
Lauren VanDervort​​
Milovan Zecevic​​

Large-team Distinguished Performance Award​

Coherent Captain Mills (CCM) Experiment team​
​Sylvie Adam​
Jan Boissevain​
Melvin Borrego​
Andrew Chavez Jr.​
James Distel​
Edward Dunton​
Marisol Chavez Estrada​
Daniel Evans​
Jason Gochanour Elena Guardincerri​
Rajan Gupta​
En-Chuan Huang​
Nick Kamp​
Charles Kelsey Kelly Knickerbocker​
Lena Lopatina​
William Louis III​
Jackie Mirabal ​
Michael Mocko​
Darcy Newmark​
Daniel (Dan) Poulson ​
Eric Renner​
Terrance Schaub Austin Schneider ​
Walter Sondheim ​
Daniele Spier Moreira Alves​
Charles Taylor​
Aayaush Thapa ​
William Thompson ​
Tyler Thornton​
Mayank Tripathi ​​
Richard Van de Water​

Epic Shadow 23-01 team​
​Rose Bloom​
Evelyn Bond​
Melissa (Mitzi) Boswell ​
Jacob Buettner ​
Annelise Cardon​
April Cardon​
Jerry Davydov​
Joanna Denton​
Brittany Dowd​
Mark Edwards​
John Engel​
Michael Fitzpatrick ​
Dylan Flanagan ​
Rebecca Foley​
Alexa Hanson​
Hannah Hodgett​
Lisa Hudston​
Jeremy Inglis​
Azim Kara ​
William Kinman ​
Kyle Krajewski,​
Stephen Lamont ​
Brandy Land​
Joel Maassen​
Zsuzsanna Macsik​
Jennifer Maestas​
Benjamin Naes​
Sandra Padilla​
Andrew Reinhard ​
Jeffrey Roach​
Serena Rodriguez​Jennifer (Jen) Romero​
Danielle Roybal​
Matthew Sanborn​
Brian Scott​
Dillon Soenke​
Robert Steiner​
Eric Tegtmeier​
Travis Tenner​
Lynette Velasquez​
Allison Wende​
William Winter III ​
Kimberly Wurth​​

Gryphon team​
Elizabeth Auden​
Zachary Baker​
Michael Caffrey​
Quinten (Quinn) Cole Ian Cummings​
Jered Dominguez-Trujillo​
Raimund Herberg​
Andrew Kirby​
Michelle Koglin​
Gerd Kunde​
John Layne​
Isaiah Liljestrand​
Susan Mendel​
Thomas Merl​
Robert Migliori​
Brooke Mosley​
Heather Quinn​
Lindsey Rivera​
Michael Shlanta​
Martin Staley​
Kasidit Subsomboon​
Christian Ward​

Hydride Moderator Development team​
​Casey Blough​
Kevin Bohn​
Travis Carver​
Michael Cooper​
Theresa Cutler​
Venkateswara (Rao) Dasari​
Robert Forsyth​
Travis Grove​
Michael Hahn​
Donald Johnson​
Caitlin Kohnert​
Alexander Long​
Erik Luther​
Alexis Maldonado​
Justin Martin​
Christopher (Topher) Matthews​
Vedant Mehta​
Thomas Nizolek​
Michal Pate​
Gregorio Poling​
Tarik Saleh​
Rene Sanchez​
Aditya Shivprasad​
Tyler Smith​
Michael Strohmeyer​
Nicholas Thompson​
James Torres​
Michael Torrez​
Anthony Trejo​
Holly Trellue​
Kenneth Valdez​
Sven Vogel​
Joshua White​
Stephen (Steve) Wiest​
Nicholas (Nick) Wynne​

Isotope Production Facility Unexpected Target Window/Collimator Replacement team​
Kevin Andrews​
Joshua Brito​
Jason Burkhart​
Ross Capon​
Steven Dryja​
Michael Duran​
Bertrand Dushime​
Esteban Figueroa​
Diana Garcia​
Nathan Kollarik ​
Anthony Koppi​
Joseph Le May​
Jordon Marquis​
Derwin (Moose) Martinez​
Jason Martinez​
Brian Moore​
David Newman​
Ellen O'Brien​
James O'Hara​
Mario Pacheco​
Francisco (Kiko) Rael Brandon Roller​
Harry Salazar​
Ryan Smeltzer​
Manuel Soliz​
Tsuyoshi Tajima​
Christiaan (Etienne) Vermeulen​
James Vigil​
Heath Watkins​​

LANSCE Lujan Center Target Design, Assembly, and Replacement team​
Brian Adkison​
Kevin Andrews​
Verges Bahe​
David Ballard​
Melvin Borrego​
Joshua Brito​
Jason Burkhart​
Christopher Carlisle​
Cathy Chapman Drew Cummings​
Steven Dryja​
Michael Duran​
Jose Garcia​
Martin Gutierrez​
Todd Hasse​
Simon Johnson​
Paul Koehler​
Kevin Lamoreux​
Connel Lane​
Stephen Mano​
Jordon Marquis​
Paul Martin​
Jason Martinez​
Jacob Medina​
Michael Mocko​
Brian Moore​
Robert Myers​
David Newman​
Eric Olivas​
Josh Ortega​
Mario Pacheco​
Francisco (Kiko) Rael​
Brandon Roller​
Ryan Smeltzer,​
Raymond (Ray) Valicenti​
James Vigil​
Aaron Walker​
Laura Walker​
Joshua Williams Keith Woloshun ​
Lukas Zavorka​​

Minikin Echo Radio Frequency (MERF) Prompt Sensor team​
Katherine Alano​
Austin Bos​
George Brooks Jr.​
Michael Caffrey​
Myles Cartelli​
Landon Colston II​
Timothy Cox​
Thomas Fairbanks​
Franklin Fierro​
Jose Godinez​
Paul Graham​
Glenn Griggs​
Timothy Hamlin​
Darren Harvey​
William Haynes​
David Hemsing​
Cheng Ho​
John Layne​
Charles Light II​
Ramona Maestas​
John Paul Martinez​
David McGee​
Juan Moreno Jr.​
Aaron Morrison​
Susan Nava​
Donathan Ortega​
Eric Ottosen​
Eric Raby​
Jessi Robinson​
Adrian Romero​
Daniel Seitz​
Xuan-min Shao​
Chad Shurter​
Valerie Siewert​
Benjamin Stark​
Joseph Trujillo​
Andres Valdez​
Jose Velarde​
Vernon Vigil Christopher Waidmann​
Charles Warner​

Neutron Beamline Shutter Upgrades at Lujan Center team​
Sylvie Adam​
Kevin Andrews​
Melvin Borrego​
Jason Burkhart​
Andrew Chavez Jr.​
Michael Duran​
Christopher Fairbanks​
 Eric Garcia​
Kelly Knickerbocker​
 Eric Larson​
Jason Medina​
Tim Medina​
Mario Pacheco​
Leslie Puckett​
Stephen Rivas​
Brandon Roller​
Joan Siewenie​
Walter Sondheim​
Stephen Townsley ​
James Vigil​
Keith Woloshun​​

Pegpost team​
Amber Black​
Rose Bloom​
Charles Booth​
Donald Brown​
Randall Burson​
Timothy Byers​
Carl Cady​
Travis Carver​
Bjørn Clausen​
Hannah Cross​
Joseph DeLoach​
Brian Esquibel​
Saryu Fensin​
Michael Finch​
Paul Gibbs​
Alexandra Glover​
Max Harrah​
Joel Heidemann​
Seth Imhoff​
Donald Johnson​
Michaela Johnson​
Benjamin Jones​
Jaqueline Kiplinger​
Samantha Lawrence​
Andrew Marshall ​
Daniel Martinez​
Isaac Martinez​
Andrew McNutt​
Ryan Mier​
Phillip Miller​
Kayla Molnar​
Joel Montalvo​
Robin Montoya​
Mary O'Brien​
Jose Olivas​
Carolus Osborn Jr.​
Kristofer Peltz​
Gregorio Poling​
Jeffrey Robison​
Curtis Salazar​
Mark Sandoval ​
Eunice Solis​
​Jamie Stull​
James Tata​
Christopher Tomkins​
Garret Tousley​
Kevin Wabick​
John Wilson​
William Winter III​
Jason Wohlberg​
Suzannah Wood​
Jonathan Zambrano​​

Small-Team Distinguished Performance Award

LANSCE 805 MHz HPRF Adaptation and In-situ Repair of Failed Transformer Rectifier Units team​
Jon Bergemann​
Joseph T. Bradley III​
William Brian Haynes​
Manuelita Rodriguez​

​Neutron Imaging Engineering team​
​Jason Allison ​
Nikolaus Christiansen​
Valerie Fatherley ​
Justin Jorgenson ​
John Martinez ​
Derek Schmidt

New Methods for Operational Technology Security Scorpius team​
​Brandi Brown​​
Sandra Frost​​
Anne Paulson​
Gerald Seitz​
Matthew Scarborough​​

QCD Theory team​
​Duff Neill ​
Ivan Vitev ​

Targets team
Rose Bloom​
Randall Burson​
Carl Osborn, Jr.​
Sean Raybon​
Jeffrey Robinson​
Stephen West​

Individual Distinguished Performance Awards​

Saryu​ Fensin​
Eric ​Flynn​
​Sowjanya ​Gollapinni​
Beth Hornbein​
Eric​ Loomis​

Large-team Distinguished Performance Award​

Carbonara team​
​Jason Allison​
Devin Cardon​
Christopher Chadwick​
Kyle Chavez ​
Elizabeth Francois​
Matthew Freeman​
Matthew Fresquez​
Anatoliy Frishberg Cisco Gonzales Y Borrego Jonathan Hudston​
Cornelio Lopez Jr. ​
Todd Lundberg​
Fessaha Mariam​
Erin Mavis​
​Jason Medina​
William Meijer​
Christopher Morris​
Brianna Musico​
Levi Neukirch ​
Lauren O'Brien​
Jeremy Payton​
Ricardo Salazar​
Steven Sandoval​
Mary Sandstrom​
Benjamin Schilling​
John Schmidt IV Tamsen Schurman​
Pamela Scott​
Erick Smith​
Leah Snyder​
Bethany Sprinkle ​
Zhaowen Tang​
Justin Thibodeaux​
Christopher Triola​
Frans Trouw​
Carl Trujillo ​
Dale Tupa​​

Chemical Compatibility Evaluation Database team​
Sara Adelman​
Jennifer Berger​
Matthew Bush​
Peter Ebey​
Benjamin Fisher​
Derek Gordon​
Rebecca Hollis​
Tyler Kukuchka​
Jerzy Kulis​
Aaron Matins​
​Karen McHugh​
Bernardo Miyamoto​
Jon Nelson​
Adam Olsen​
Richard Piantini​
Martin Salazar​
Aaron Shaw​
John Shaw​
Yong Tao​
Sharon Walker​​

Elevating RLUOB to a Hazard Category-3 Nuclear Facility team​
​Julie Andrews​
David Arellano​
Derek Benavidez​
Jessica Berger​
Sarah Bittner​
Matthew Bowyer​
Robert (Rob) Briscoe Jr.​
Aaron Carr​
John Cintas​
Maria De La Torre Garcia​
Kraig Deike​
Scott Downing​
Jeffrey Elliott​
Gerald Espinoza, Jr.​
Connie Figley​
Richard Filemyr​
Elizabeth Friedman​
Denise Gelston​
Debra Gentile​
Joy Getha​
 ​​Karl Gonzales​
John Guadagnoli​
Thomas Hafera ​
Jessica Hebert​
Melissa Hobdy Smith​
Terry Holesinger​
Stacy Howze​
Christopher Huchton​
Alex Jaureguiberry​
Kenneth Jeffcoat​
Stephen Karpi, Jr.​
Dylan Klundt​
Lesley Lacy​
Tammy Lopez​
Ted Lykins​
Angelique Martinez​
Margie Martinez​
Marki Martinez​
Karen Matuszak​
Stephen McNeel​
​Michelle Montoya​
Leila Naranjo​
Kimberly Page​
Adam Phelan ​
Eric Quintana​
Lorenzo Ramirez​
Miguel Rizo​
David Romero​
Eric Romero​
Martin Salazar​
Dana Sandoval ​
Eugene Sandoval​
William (Bill) Schwettman​
Gregory Shino​
Wayne Simons​
Wayne Simons​
Anthony Sims​
Heather Steigerwald​
Scott Sterkel​
Anthony Sublett​
​Paul Tobash​
Steve Torrez ​
Julie Trujillo​
Michael Trujillo​
Laura Tryboski​
James Tsiagkouris​
Ella Twary​
Evelena Valencia​
Judy Vialpando​
Mardoceo (Marty) Vialpando​
Barry Walker​
Mark Weaver​
Cristina Weber ​
Amy Wong​
Ernest (Miller) Wylie II ​
Alva Yazzie ​

Integrated Manufacture of Energetic Airframes (IMEA) Project team​
Conrad Farnsworth​
Zak Fitzpatrick​
Logan Graves​
Joseph Lichthardt​
Eric Mas​
Alexander Mueller​
Alan Novak​
Philip Rae​
Andrew Schmalzer​
Erica Sullivan​
Bryce Tappan​
Clayton Tiemann​

SPECTRE Experiment team​
​Rudy Abeyta Jr.​
Carlos Archuleta ​
Charles Booth​
Todd Bredeweg​
Victor Bustos​
Errol Cohn​
Christopher Cordova​
Dustin Cummins Paul DeBurgomaster ​
Pamela Dominguez ​
Andrew Duffield ​
Susan Eaton ​
Dylan Flanagan​
Ariana Foley​
Franz Freibert​
​Andrew Gaunt​
Meghan Gibbs​
Tanya Goehring​
Elena Guardincerri​
Matthew Hammond ​
Susan Hanson​
Brandon Hutchinson​
Michael James​
Donald Johnson​
Tye Jorgenson​
Corey Kashiwa​
Michael Klosterman​
Vanessa Leyba​
Alyssa-Marie Lucero​
Edward Lum​
​Georgette Maestas​
Shane Mann​
Joshua Mares​
Aaron Martinez​
Candie Martinez​
Clarence Martinez​
Onesimo Martinez​
Tomas Martinez​
Vince Martinez​
Joseph Martz​
Iain May​
Steven McCready​
Jackson McFall​
Daniel Meininger​
Michael Middlemas​
​Ryan Mier​
Jeffrey Miller ​
Jeremy Mitchell​
David Moore​
Jesse Murillo​
Warren Oldham​
Daniel Olive​
Mark Ortega​
Carolus Osborn Jr.​
Karen Paige​
Kristofer Peltz​
Alison Pugmire​
Sean Reilly​
Brett Robinson​
Rick Romero​
​Rueben Roybal​
Fritzgerald Sandoval​
Clinton Shonrock​
Steven Simmonds​
Nathan Smythe​
Michael Strohmeyer​
Douglas Thacker​
Nestor Trujillo​
Stephen Trujillo​
Darrell Vigil​
Carlos Voight​
Jennifer White​
Stephen Wiest​
Jason Wohlberg​
Melinda Wren​​

Small-Team Distinguished Performance Award​

Collaborative Analysis and Testing Techniques Phase 1 team​
​Hayden Belobrajdic​
Amanda Farnsworth​
Colin Haynes​
Zackery Parker​
Ryan Waked​
Sandra Zimmerman​

Hybrid VPIC Development team​
​Ari Yitzchak Le ​
Adam John Stanier​

Individual Distinguished Performance Award​

Joel Kulesza​