NNSA Defense Program Awards of Excellence

The Awards recognize significant achievements in quality, productivity, cost savings, safety, or creativity in support of NNSA’s Stockpile Stewardship Program.


Marisa Gallegos



John Becker



Terry Taddeucci



Jas Mercer-Smith



Bob Weaver



Karin Hendrickson

Analysis Methodology for Combined Hostile Environments Team

B61-12 PBX 9502 Production Team

Next Navy Feasibility Study (NFS) Team

Nuclear Counter Terrorism Analysis of Alternatives Team

Spectrally Encoded Imaging Team

W88 Alt 370 DJTA7S Flight Test and Evaluation Team

War Reserve Test Fire Data Collection and Analysis Team

B61 Auxiliary Detonator Down Select Team

Plasma Kinetic Physics Team

pRad Gun Team

Tri-Lab Tantalum Strength Team

Tri-Laboratory Project on Strength in Extreme Conditions

Vega Subcritical Experiment Team

World’s First Intense Warm Photoneutron Source Demonstration

4E10 Cable Manufacturing Team

Advanced Safety Physics Code Capability Team

B61-12 Life Extension Program (LEP) Design Team (LANL design team delivers the B61-12 baseline design on schedule)

Chamber 15 Modernization Program Team

CoLOSSIS DR Data Interpretation for B61 Team

High-Explosive Thermal and Mechanical Response Team

LANL B61 and W88 Weapon Response Summary/Basis Development Team

LANL Detection Standards Analysis and Revision Methodology (DSARM) Team

LANL FY18 L1 Milestone Team

LANL High Explosive Violent Reaction (HEVR) Definition Replacement Team

LANL System PDDR and System FDR Team

Large Volume Press Team

Large-Scale Calculation Initiative 3D Modeling Team

Large-Scale Code Linking and Data Mapping Team

LF7C Team (introduction of the LF7C into the W78 stockpile)

Nuclear Weapons Knowledge Management & Archiving Team

PETN Modeling Team

Pit Welding Team

TA-55 High Energy Computed Tomography Team

W76-2 Design and Process Optimization Team

W88 Alt 370 Hydros Team

X-Ray Graded Collimation Computed Tomographic Imaging of Weapon Components Team

Achilles Shield

B61-12 Baseline Design Team

Carbon Clustering in PBX 9502

Detonator-Cable-Assemblies Production Improvements

Loaded Sleeve Manufacturing Anomaly Resolution Team

Multi-frame X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging System

NPI-8 Pu Sustainment Equipment Installation Team

Phoenix Build Team

Plutonium Facility 4 Readiness Team

Preliminary Quality Assurance Survey-1 Assessment Team

Trinity High-Performance Computing Team

Trinity Integrated Product Team

W76 Anomalous DCA Unit

Whisper Team

Alt 940 LANL Design

B61-12 LEP Environmental Specifications Team

B61-12 LEP Flight Test Team

Eolus Weapons Analysis Team

Eulerian Applications Project Modernization for Advanced Supercomputers

LANL Weapon Response to W76/W78 Isolator Issue

Level 1 Pit Reuse Milestone

Neutron Imaging of Weapon Components

Weapons Experimental Device Assembly Production Team

Alternative Secondary Design Study Team

B61 Mod 12 Integral Experimental Team

B61-12 Thermal Team

Barrier Team

Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Critical Decision (CD)

Preparation Team

Fundamentally Based Burn Formula Team

HE Cylinder Experiment Team

Hydro, Subcritical and Device Assembly Team

LANL Practicum 2 Team

Lithium Fluoride (LiF) Window Correction Team

Physical Uncertainty Bounds (PUB) Team

Primary Validation Team

Radiation Damage Mechanisms of Polymers Team

Secondaries and the Lagrangian Applications Project

W76-1/Mk4a Life Extension Program

Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Setup Project

ARIES Waste Disposal Pathway to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

B61 LEP Stress Cushion Development and Material Down Select Team

CNI Level 2 Milestone Team: Capabilities for Nuclear Intelligence (CNI) Program

Creation of a Comprehensive Understanding of Fission Neutron Spectrum Measurements

Detonator Cup Significant Finding Investigation (SFI) Team

Development of Next Generation Multiphase Plutonium Equation of State

DO-IIB Data Evaluation Team for Post-Detonation Technical Nuclear Forensics

Generation II Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter

Global Security Validation Suite

Goblin Experiment Team

HE Thermal & Mechanical Response

High Strain Rate Compression using Diamond Anvil Cells

Joint Exercise Team

Joint Lab Centurion-Halite 90 Day Study Team

Los Alamos Long Range Stand-Off Conceptual Design Team

MCNP6 and ENDF/B-VII.1 Development Team

Multi-Point Safety Assessment of the W76 Neutron Generator Fragment Impact

Multi-shock Driver for Ejecta Experiments

Nuclear Explosive Safety Team

PF-4 Actinide Aqueous Recovery Capability Trade Study

Plutonium-238 Analytical Chemistry Transition Team

Reactive, Anomalous Compression in Shock Compressed Polymeric Foams Team

Shear Team

Software Innovation for Future Technologies (SWIFT)

Visualization Corridor Integration Team

120-Day Conceptual Design Study Team

A joint DSW and Advanced Certification Science Campaign (ACC) program executed to support the technical maturation of enhanced safety technologies for the B61 LEP

A Modern Equation of State Framework for Shocked Foams

B61 Modeling Team

Capabilities for Nuclear Intelligence

Cell Centered Hydro Team

Development and implementation of CNI Program Strategy

Extreme Fluids Team

First Shock Ejecta Team

Gemini Experimental Series Team

Hydro 3661 Team

JASON Surety Study (JSS) Tasker Team

Laser Driven Ion Acceleration, Neutron Generation and Applications Team for development of the most advanced laser-driven ion accelerator and its application to world-record laser-produced neutron-beam generation

Laser Parameter Development

Massive Ordnance Penetrator Fragment Weapons Response Analysis Team

Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (MPDV): Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimetry Team

Novel Numerical Integration Technique

Predictive Capability Assessment Project Team: Level 1 Milestone

Produced, processed, and qualified for acceptance the first lot of War Reserve PETN detonator powder produced at Los Alamos

Secure Operations Management System Deployment Team

Shock Wave Compression of Argon Gas

Significantly invested DOE and DOD resources to reinvigorate a electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulation capability, resulting in revolutionary improvements

TA-55 40-mm Gun Modifications Team

Theoretical Analyses of Reaction-in-Flight PINEX Team

1E38 Powder Production Team

Anomalous Unit Weapon Response Team


Double Shock Experiments and Modeling to Improve the Reactant Equation of State for PBX 9502

Ensuring Pantex operational safety when new hazards were encountered with detonator cable assemblies

Eulerian Applications Project Team

Failure Cone Test Development Team

Furrow Project

Gemini Blast Pipe and Advanced Optical Test H4080 at DARHT Design Team

High Pressure Equation of State (EOS) of Insert Materials


LANSCE Operations Team: After forest fire, for outstanding LANSCE beam reliability after forest fire, dedication of the LANSCE operations team in maximizing beam enabled the users to execute their experiments

National Security Science Magazine

NIF Neutron Imaging System Team

Non-Destructive Laser Gas Sampling Team

Nuclear Experiments Threat Assessment


Predictive Capability Assessment Project Team

Primary Implosion Metrics Development

Stockpile Stewardship: Heritage of Science at Los Alamos documentary

TA-55 Seismic Risk Mitigation

Underground Nuclear Test Prompt Diagnostics

V&V Common Modeling Team

Barolo Subcritical Experiment Series

Lagrangian Hydrodynamics Integrated Product Team

Magnetohydrodynamic capability for the Eulerian ASC codes

Significant contribution to the stockpile stewardship program related to advances in understanding device initiation

Successful execution of the first plutonium experiments on the refurbished Z machine

4.4/TA Verification & Validation Milestone Team (Verification and Validation Milestone Team)

ABAQUS-MCNP Unstructured Mesh Team created and tested a new unstructured mesh capability that saved several man-years worth of effort, improved accuracy of stockpile stewardship simulations, and created and tested the next generation of code interconnectivity between neutron transport and thermomechanical codes

CMR Consolidation/Risk Mitigation: 30 team members

Complex Transformation: 9 team members

DARHT 2nd Axis Refurbishment and Commissioning Project: 75  team members

Detonator Fabrication Process Engineering: 8  team members

Facility Operations Cost Recovery: 12  team members

First DARHT Team

Fission Basis Team collaborated with Livermore documenting LANL system calibration experiments from the 1970s and as a bi-laboratory evaluation of literature data associated with fission product production

High Explosive Violent Response (HEVR) Team

Hydro 3560 Large-scale Hydrodynamic Experiment: 36  team members

Integrated Nuclear Planning: 12 members

LANL Homemade Explosives (HME) Training Team

LANSCE Operations Team delivered a record number of hours delivered to pRAD and outstanding LANSCE beam reliability

National Ignition Facility Advance: 3 team members

Neutron Generators Team: Fundamental Materials Science of PZT Voltage Bars

Primary Setup Suite Team

Probability Distributions for Neutron Multiplying Systems with Delayed Neutrons

Quantification of Margins and Uncertainty (QMU): 2 team members

W76-1 Alternate Material Certification Team modeled the W76-1 with several different modern legacy and Advanced Simulation and Computing codes at LANL and compared specific results to models run by LLNL and the AWE

W76-1 Alternate Material Design Hydrotest: 58 members

W76-1 LEP Canned Subassembly Code Blue: 29 team members

Weapon Analysis Team

For outstanding support of the DoD/DOE Joint Munitions Program (to the The DOE project teams)

Pit Certification Project

W76 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Code Blue: 10 team members (Mundt, Butner, Rob Bishop, etc.)

Measurement and analysis of the 6Li(n,t)4He cross section

Multiple Time Radiographs of Plutonium Experiments at LANSCE

Physics Certification

Pit Manufacturing

Roadrunner System Integration & Technical Assessment Team

Target Characterization Team

W88 Pit Engineering Certification

Analysis, Documentation & Recommendations (SFIS)

Cold PBX Experimental Team

Core Surveillance Transformation

Development of Advanced Hydrodynamic Radiographic Capability

ESA-MEE Polytechs

ESA-TSE Tritium Processing Team

High Explosives Processing Consolidation Team

High Fidelity Nuclear Data Team

LANL Code Verification Team

LANL Complex of the Future Team

LANL Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) Engineering Team

Offsite Transport Safety Basis Team

Proton Radiography

Proton Radiography Powder Gun Team

Search for Magnetism in Plutonium using Neutron Scattering & Magnetic Fields

Significant contribution to the stockpile stewardship program related to advances in diagnostic simulations

TA-18 Early Move Project

Ultrafast Dynamic Ellipsometry

VPIC Kinetic Plasma Simulations Applications

W76 HE Mechanical Response Team

W76 Life Extension Program Transportation Container Safety Certification Team

2005 Secondary Verification & Validation Milestone Team

4T Terrazzo Gas Transfer System Concept Development Team

Capsaicin Project

CCN-1 SMS Team

Classified Media Library (CML) Project Team

Complex Implosion Team


ESD Technical Basis Development Team

Estane Study Team


For Outstanding contributions in Weapons Surety at Los Alamos

Full-Scale Test Facility Team

Germanium Array for Neutron-Induced Excitations (GEANIE) Team

High Energy Radiography of Assembled Pits Team

High Explosives Processing Consolidation Team

High Fidelity Nuclear Data Team

High Performance Computing Support Team

High-Explosive Radio Telemetry (HERT) Team

Hot CMM Upgrade Project Team

In-Situ Measurement of Crystalline Lattice Strains in Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) Team

Integration and Control System (ICS) Upgrade Team

Isentropic Compression of Metals Team; Isentropic Compression of Metals Using High Explosive Pulsed Power Techniques

LA Earned Value Reporting Team

LANL Nuclear Weapons Program Decision Analysis Team

LANL Weapons Output and Vulnerability

LANL Weapons Output and Vulnerability Team

Lead slowing-down spectrometer

Linear Deterministic Transport Applications Team

Los Alamos Earned Value Reporting Team

Los Alamos High Explosives Study Team

Los Alamos Radiography Study Team

Model Based Engineering W76 JTA Behavior Modeling Team

MSAD Re-Qualification Team

Neutron Tube Target Loading Team

Nevada Test Site Device Assembly Down Draft Table Team

NMT Cygnus Radiograph Standard Fabrication Team

NTS Device Assembly Facility (DAF) Downdraft Table (DDT) Team

Pit Lifetime Study Underground Test Analysis Team

Plutonium Casting Team

Plutonium Magnetism Study Team

Process Engineering, Implementation, & Maintenance Group

Proton Radiography Propellant Gun (pRAD Gun) Project Team

Proton Radiography Team

Proton Radiography Team for Dynamic Studies of Materials

Proton Radiography Team for Temperature Dependence of Insensitive High Explosives

Qual 2 Metallography Team

Reliable Replacement Warhead

RTBF Program Management Improvements Team

Sandia Packaging Transfer Team

Secondary V&V and W76-1 LEP

Spearheaded Effort to Enhance Program/Project in RTBF

Technical Oversite of PIT Surveillance

TEPLA Team: development and implementation of TEPLA damage model

Threaded Assembly Team

THREX Process Development Team

Understanding Neutron Tube Target Lifetime

Use Control Analysis Team

W76 Life Extension Program Primary Certification Team

W76 Potting SFI Closure Team

W76 Recovery Team

W76-1 2X Acorn Subcomponent Development Team

W78 Recovery Team

W80-0/1 Detonator Transfer Team

Weapons Manufacturing Procedures Task Team

Armando SCE Team

Engineering Index and Methodology for Certification/Qualification

For closing three critical investigations using the best science and engineering

Proton Radiography of a Dynamic Test with U6Nb Team

Screening and Reliability Determination

Stockpile Stewardship Program

B61 Alt 357 Team

Excellent technical work in support of accelerated schedule B61 Phase 6.2/2A

For professional achievement and commitment to re-establishing our nation’s ability to manufacture pits for use in our strategic nuclear deterrent

For successful execution of the Mario and Rocco Subcritical Experiments at the NTS

High Explosive Thermal Response and Behavior Team

Reliability Assessment Team

W76 6.3 Life Extension Program

Significant contributions to the Stockpile Stewardship Program

W76 Team Dual Revalidation Effort

Component Fabrication Team

W76 Study Team

NNSA Pollution Prevention (P2) Awards


High Performance Sustainable Buildings Core Team



A Master of Minimization

Outfall Reduction Program at LANL

Reducing Sulfur Hexafluoride Use in Ion Sources



Sigma Electroplating Discharge Reduction Project

Sustainable Projects for a Sustainable Future



Radiological Laboratory/Utility/Office Building (RLUOB) Integrated Planning, Design,

Procurement and Construction

RCRA-less Oxidation



MRAD: Pollution Prevention Plan Avoids Waste and Disposal Costs

Muon Radiography Project

Sever Virtualization Results in Continual Cost & Energy Savings

Ultrapure Carbon and Carbon-Nitride Nanomaterials

Using a Mature Environmental Management System for Meaningful Institutional Improvements

Wastewater Recycling Saves More Than $1 Million Annually



Green Primaries–Environmentally Friendly Primary Explosives

Slip Top Can Reduction Project



Innovative Tools and Approaches for Environment Management Systems (EMS) Implementation at LANL

LANL Green Engineering Standards

Metal Molds for Plutonium Aliquot Production


Sustainable Communications



Five x-ray pulsers were converted to use air as the dielectric medium instead of sulfur hexafluoride, which is one of the most damaging of the greenhouse gases.

Storm Water Team



Biodiesel Waste Improves LANL Sewage Plant Performance

Insensitive High Explosive TATB Synthesis

Thorium is Now Green



Alternative Fuel Use at LANL

Integration of SSP (Site Sustainability Plan) Goals and the EMS (Environmental Management System)

Living Laboratory: Algal Biofuels Consortium Development

New Plutonium Removal Technique Means Less Waste

Video Teleconferencing Cuts Travel Costs and Reduces Green House Gas Emissions



A Green Synthesis Path to Explosive DAAF (diaminoazoxyfurazan)

Downsizing and Right-sizing the Laboratory’s Vehicle Fleet

Extending Reuse Period of Anti-C Lab coats at CMR

LANL's Electronic Recycling Program

LED Replacement Lights for Glove Boxes are Safe and Cost Effective - LED lights for Gloveboxes Reduce Waste & Enhance Operations

Remediation Project Minimizes Waste & Saves $2 Million



Integrating Safety and Security into the Environment Management System Life-cycle: A Body-contact Sport

Mixed Office Paper Recycle Program

More than $900,000 Saved with Steam Generator Optimization

Perchloric Acid Exhaust System Saves $750,000 Annually

Recycling of Soil, Asphalt and Mulch Saves $1.7 Million

The Uninterruptible Power Supply Project



Improvements to the Plutonium Electrorefining Process

Institutional Improvement Projects Developed from Environ. Mgmt. System

Low-Level Waste Minimization at DARHT

Power Grid Infrastructure Upgrades Transmission Line

Removal & Asset Recovery of Copper-lined Faraday Cage



Replacement Furnace Elements

Statistical Analysis of Glovebox Glove Failure

Recognizes projects that exemplify NNSA’s commitment to environmental excellence through responsible stewardship.

Awardees have found innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact, improve the efficiency, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our work.


Job Hazard Analysis Tool Development

Oil-free Vacuum Pumps

Oversized Transuranic Waste Volume Reductions at the Decontamination and Volume

Reduction System

Radioactive Liquid Waste Generator Set-Aside Fee Program

Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility (RLWTF) Effluent Reuse/Recycle

Redesigning a Weapons Component to Eliminate Beryllium Use

Reusable Containment Structures


Jean Dewart: Created the Great Garbage Grab and an environmental film festival, arranged sustainability symposia, started Carpool-to-Work day, and has directed Earth Day preparations at the Laboratory since 1995.


Dissolving uranium oxide with ammonium bifluoride

Other NNSA Awards


Provided scientific support to the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CBT) Organization

Aviva Sussman
Elizabeth Miller
Emily S. Schultz-Fellenz
Kenneth Wohletz
Rick Kelley



Robert Bishop

30 Pit Per Year Plan Team (30 PPY Plan) Team

B61 Alt 372 Design Team

Lagrangian Applications ALE-AMR Team

National Security Research Center Creation Team


Terry C. Wallace Jr.: his leadership and commitment to the NNSA mission and his ability to accomplish so much during his 10-month tenure.

The Standoff Disablement Team at LANL was honored by joint NNSA/DOD Program for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation (2019).


Randall Randolph - Co-recipient for his substantive contributions toward innovation and excellence in target fabrication for inertial confinement fusion (ICF).


Medium Resolution Gamma Spectrometry Intercomparison Exercise

Jacob Stinnett 
Duc Ta Vo


Field Trial of KM200 Electronics in the JRCISPRA Pulsed Neutron Interrogation Test Assembly Facility Comparing Measurement Results

Kiril Ianakiev
Metodi Iliev


Medium Resolution Gamma Spectrometry Intercomparison Exercise

Michael Yoho


Acquisition Path Analysis Tool

Rian Bahran
Karen Miller
Kevin M. Schaffer


Lloyd Gordon: Outstanding leadership in electrical safety both at Laboratory and across the Department of Energy


Scott Havemann


Iain May: For work toward ensuring the reliability and domestic supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), a medical isotope used for diagnostic imaging


Deborah A. (Deb) Martinez: Instrumental in the development and implementation of the queue management system that streamlined Badge Office processes and customer service, reducing the time necessary to grant a clearance and Human Reliability Program certification at LANL from an average of 736 days to 115 days.



Dena J. Edwards: Her contributions to NNSA security programs represent excellence and dedication to nuclear security.



Valorie A. Livesay: Significantly improved security at LANL, across the enterprise, and the United States through risk assessment and vulnerability analysis.


Noah Pope & Robert Larsen: Materials Protection, Control and Accounting


Marina Armijo: In recognition of Armijo’s outstanding strategic savings for LANL and other sites throughout the Department of Energy (DOE) Complex


Bartolo "Bart" Torres: Dedication to protection of USA's most vital strategic assets



David Telles: Protecting some of the nation's most vital strategic assets


Advancing NNSA Area Planning Team 

CHAMP Protective Measures Against COVID-19 Transmission Team 

Crystal Lab Revitalization Team

DARHT Weather Enclosure Construction Team 

Driven by Teamwork – Fleet Operations Navigating through COVID-19 Team

GIS COVID-19 Application Development and Deployment Team 

Green Building Training Across NNSA Team 

JOWOG 30-04-01 Applied Delivery Technology Team 

JOWOG 30-05-02/30-03-06 Planning and Business Continuity in the Face of COVID-19 Team 

Los Alamos Blanket Request for Proposal Team 

New SCIF Building - Modular Construction Team 

NNSA Subcontracting Working Group – Cs-137 Accident Investigation Follow-up Team 

PF-4 Capital Column Testing Team 

RAMP: FY20 Roof Replacement and Maintenance Projects Team 

RANT Operational Readiness and Expanded Shipping Capability Team 

Retrieve and Disposition the Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute Actinide Materials Team 

SM-39 Classified Machine Shop Electrical Upgrade Team 

TEX HEU Experiment During COVID-19 Team



Builder Condition Assessment Advanced Team

NNSA Maintenance Managers Working Group

TA-18 D&D Project


Ward Hawkins - Provided scientific support to the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CBT) Organization.

Awards recognize individuals, groups, and organizations for their outstanding contributions in the areas of maintaining the stockpile, nonproliferation, and counterterrorism and counterproliferation.


“Stockpile Stewardship: Heritage of Science at Los Alamos" documentary

John Bass
Linda T. Deck
David Funk
Tim Goorley
Robert K. Greene
Michael Haertling
Deniece Korzekwa
Kenneth E. Laintz
Joseph C. Martz
Frank Merrill
Nathaniel R. Morgan
Miles O'Brien
Kevin Roark
John M. Scott
Kimberly Scott
Patrice A. Stevens
Jon Ventura